Another Manic Sunday

FALMOUTH — 081113 — Kristin Kmack of Albany, far right, cheers as her husband passes by near the finish line Falmouth Road Race with Zoey Kmack, 10, front and Hayley Kmack, 14.

There was a time when my Sunday shift was a quiet day when I would feature hunt for the majority of my shift, catch up on emails and even work on self-motivated projects if I got really lucky. This summer has changed all of that. Almost every Sunday this season has been jam-packed with assignments and breaking news. It has certainly been an exercise in keeping me on my toes. On the other hand, these busy days have also been tremendous lessons in patience as well. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hectic chaos of fast-paced day but often I have to calm myself down when I realize that a situation has the potential to become a decent picture. Then, I must for the moment to come together. I saw these gals with their pom poms and knew they were waiting for someone special. But waiting with this group of people amidst so many competing moments was a big test for me but I was glad that I stuck with it. On top of the Falmouth Road Race, I also responded to a train verses pickup truck accident on the way backĀ  to the office and then had to cover the Pops By the Sea concert that evening. This particular Sunday ended up being a 14-hour day when all was said and done. To add insult to injury, on my way home I was met with traffic backed up to exit 5 on Route 6 at 9:00! Luckily, I know the back roads and at least my laptop hard drive held out yesterday and only decided to fail this morning, phew! I wonder what next Sunday’s adventure will be…


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